IBRS is the largest and most trusted Drop Ship Inventory Management company. We provide a range of services to help you, the reseller, create and manage a successful drop ship businesses. Regardless of if you are just getting started or if you have been selling successfully for years, IBRS has a data solution that is right for you and your business.


We provide you with access to some of the largest wholesale distributors, as well as specialty niche suppliers and help you to work DIRECTLY with your wholesale product source.

We monitor the product catalogs from the wholesale network EVERY day and make sure your business is automatically updated with thousands of changes to prices, inventory stock quantities, and new product additions.

We can load the products and images for the products you want to almost any shopping cart platform, and provide you with custom data feed formats updated each day with the information from your wholesale supplier in any structure. Your product data can be managed on multiple websites and marketplaces from multiple product sources automatically.


We have developed auto-pilot simple system for the newest user to easily have their daily catalogs and updates, but with features so advanced even the most experienced power seller can improve their business and reduce the time and cost associated with their drop ship product data management on any platform or any marketplace like Google Product Search, Amazon, eBay, Price Grabber, Shopzilla, and more.


IBRS is like adding an entire IT Department managing your supply chain to your online business. Our services allow you to take the products out of your suppliers warehouse and have them appear on your website or marketplace listings. More importantly, get the latest products and changes in quantities, stock statuses and prices updated on your sales channels with ease in the format that you desire utilizing our data solutions. All of our services are month to month and you can cancel at any time.

To see how we can best help your business, choose the section below that best describes your business and your needs.


Inventory Solutions for Established Websites & Advanced Users

If you already have an established website and want to add/update products and streamline your inventory management, we have several solutions to help automate your existing business.

- We can help sellers using most major ecommerce platforms using any of a range of services, from custom product files to back-end integrations without any need to customize your cart.
- Would you like to be one of the first online sellers promoting the newest items?
- Would you like to avoid out of stock product sales and customize your prices in seconds?
- Would you like to control your catalog so it updates with the exact category structure you want or with only the brands and product types desired with simply push-button controls?
- Would you like to increase your inventory without spending cash? 

We have the solution.  An all in one e-commerce strategy to help build your business revenue.  We offer well over 150 wholesale dropshipping companies ready to ship products from your website to any part of the USA.


New Ecommerce Website With Automated Dropship Product Monitoring

IBRS is committed to your success, regardless of if you are starting with your first website or are looking for a more robust solution. With our full-featured ecommerce storefront and website hosting solution, you can have a professional website filled with products from one or more suppliers and all the features that come with the best website applications available anywhere.
- Complete Inventory Catalog and Pricing Management
- Full website design and setup without any programming or technical skills needed
- Product loading and configuration
- Reporting, tracking, email management, and more (MUCH more)...
- Our customized e-commerce Hosted Site Package is perfect for both small and larger businesses which require more advanced features such as reviews, multiple languages and/or currencies, large inventory, best seller lists, permanent shopping carts, customer accounts, flexible tax and shipping options, and other power features. 

In either case, we can help build your business with minimum inventory investment and increase ROI.  Here are a few product types you can offer on your online store.

Add thousands of products to your inventory without investing any capital!

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Market your products or services in your own back yard

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Optimize your web investment by driving web traffic to your doorstep

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Bring your business to your customers fingertips with mobile business tools

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