Email Marketing through an Email Blast

  • In its simplest form, an email blast enables a business to communicate directly with their customers right away. We like to refer to this as "Permission Marketing", because your customers have provided you with their email address which essentially 'gives you permission' to contact them. The email blast will be sent to your exclusive database of customers, notifying them of your special promotions, coupons, announcements or newsletters. This is a great way to stay connected with past, current and
    future clients!

    IBRS provides all of our email marketing clients with a customized marketing plan.  We help our clients develop email addresses for their database and offer avenues of email marketing distributions.  Depending on the business we will help develop strategies to gather emails from your customers.  Marketing by email starts with your business prompting your customers or potential customers to provide their email address. This prompting could come from a counter employee, a sales person in your store or office, or from the wait staff at a restaurant. Also, special notices can be strategically placed around your establishment prompting customers to provide their email address. In return, you offer exclusive valuable coupons, special promotions, or newsletters and promise them to send them directly from your establishment to everyone in your exclusive database. An IBRS consultant will work individually with each company to strategize about what is the best way for your business to capture email addresses. The success of this program comes down to your business building a solid database of email addresses which will allow your business to stay in constant contact with your customers.

  • Business Branding with Email Blasts

  • IBRS recommends that you stay in contact with your clients at least once or twice a month via email.  Keep in mind that potential consumers usually do business with a company when they have seen 3 or more ads pertaining to goods and services offered.  Please remember that sending more frequent emails is strongly discouraged due to recent, more stringent junk-mail and spam campaigns launched by major service providers. Business owners are encouraged to utilize the email on a regular monthly time schedule to notify customers of events or promotions. With IBRS our client's customers can connect on an emotional level with the goods and services being offered and to the business in general. Connecting with potential or past clients online via marketing by email is the prime manner to promote your business, sales, coupons and connect to customers.

  • Business on Auto-Pilot

  • Let's face it!  Your busy running your business...right?  So what IBRS can do is not only help craft your marketing message via will help send out messages you approve to your customers on auto pilot.  You can sign up to have this service start today and help keep your customers in touch with your business on a regular basis.  Contact us for details. 


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